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We offer cyber liability policies and endorsements to our clients. This protects and assists with:


  • Your data

  • Your customers’ information

  • Data breach response assistance

  • Data breach compliance assistance

  • Data breach liability to affected parties


Cyber risks include:


  • Identity theft as a result of security breaches where sensitive information is stolen by a hacker or inadvertently disclosed, including such data elements as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, employee identification numbers, drivers’ license numbers, birth dates, and PIN numbers

  • Business interruption from a hacker shutting down a network

  • Damage to the firm’s reputation

  • Costs associated with damage to data records caused by a hacker

  • Theft of valuable digital assets, including customer lists, business trade secrets. and other similar electronic business assets

  • Introduction of malware, worms. and other malicious computer code

  • Human error leading to inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information, such as an email from an employee to unintended recipients containing sensitive business information or personal identifying information

  • The cost of credit monitoring services for people impacted by a security breach

  • Lawsuits alleging trademark or copyright infringement

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