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Apartments & Single Family Rentals
(Investment Properties)


We offer a comprehensive property and liability policy that addresses the particular coverage requirements of apartments:

  • Special causes of loss on building, contents, loss of income, and extra expense

  • Back up of sewers and drains can be included as a cause of loss

  • Building ordinance coverages (ordinance or law, demolition and increased cost of construction coverages)

  • Liability for common areas (parking lot/space)

  • Blanket building coverage with agreed amount available

  • Definition of building can include walkways and fences

  • Boiler and machinery coverage available

  • Earthquake and flood coverage available


Apartment complexes, condominiums, or homeowner associations can also be submitted with additional considerations:


  • Property manager included as an additional insured

  • Liability for parking lots, playgrounds, lakes/ponds

  • Coverage for exercise equipment/workout space, rental of party rooms, laundry facility

  • Capacity for large property values

  • Directors and officers coverage available

  • Umbrella/excess coverage available

  • Definition of building can include pools, maintenance sheds, trash dumpsters

  • Landscape coverage (trees, shrubs, irrigation systems, etc.)


Other items to consider:


  • Fine arts – decorations in rental offices

  • Cyber liability – data breach, identity theft

  • Crime – forgery or alterations, money, and securities

  • Debris removal

  • Claims expense

  • Lock and key replacement

  • Outdoor signs

  • Utility service – direct damage

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